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Empower Network

Empower facilitates promotional partnerships between a community of individuals and global retailers.

About Empower.

Empower will be an affiliate marketing network with a community of amazing black publishers.

Affiliate marketing is one of the older forms of digital marketing, and remains a critical tactic for many businesses globally.  In a nutshell, businesses reward individuals for the promotion of their products or services by means of commissions or set fees. This partnership is facilitated by a network, such as Empower, to assure that brands are paired with publishers who are aligned with their ethos, and to ensure that the process is effective. 

Empower aims to build a community of black affiliate publishers, and establish partnerships with businesses that are genuinely supportive and representative. We welcome anyone interested in earning as publishers, and representative brands to register.


promote advertisers products & services on websites and social media.


Publishers are awarded commissions for driving sales or leads.


provide information about their products for publishers to promote


Advertisers reach a wider consumer base by partnering with multiple publishers.

Grow Your Business.

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Become A Publisher.

Earn money by promoting forward-thinking businesses.

Publisher, affiliate, influencer – call it what you wish! :). Ultimately, we want to create the opportunity for you to create or develop a revenue source by promoting amazing products and services on your social media, blogs or websites.

We’re in the process of building the community and getting brands on board.  If you’d like to join, please sign up with your details and we’ll be in touch when Empower is fully launched.

Sign up & we'll be in touch when Enpower is launched